About Celeseste Caballero


Chief Community & Healthcare Advocate

Family, Community, Healthcare & Faith Advocate

Celeste stands as a beacon of hope and resilience in the realms of Family, Community, Healthcare, and Faith. Her life's work has been dedicated to uplifting those in dire need, advocating especially for women and children affected by violence, sexual abuse, assault, and trafficking.

In the realm of Family, Community, and Healthcare, Celeste boasts an impressive 25 years of expertise. She has specialized in Maternal Fetal Medicine within Women's Health and has an undeniable passion for serving the vulnerable. Her Doctoral degree in Traumatology, Crisis Counseling and Community Care complements her hands-on experience as a nationally certified advocate specializing in intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Furthermore, her years of advocacy work in Tarrant and Parker county speaks to her comprehensive knowledge and commitment in this field. Celeste is not just an advocate; she's a mentor, support group leader, and a trained crisis counselor who has partnered with various organizations to champion the rights and well-being of victims.

From a Faith perspective, Celeste's journey spans over three decades, enriching communities with her gifts of teaching, worship leading, and spiritual counseling. As an ordained minister and a licensed life coach minister, she has been pivotal in launching new church startups, managing mobile church initiatives, and overseeing the operations of Christian schools and daycares.

But it's not just her qualifications and experience that set Celeste apart; it's her heart. With a unique blend of administration, mercy, and a gift for caregiving, she has continuously extended her hands to those feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Her vision is crystal clear: a world where every woman and child, especially those scarred by traumatic events, can find safety, restoration, and a path to their God-given purpose. This is what fuels her dream of establishing resource centers and facilities that offer both sanctuary and rehabilitation.

Celeste’s mission is simple yet profound: to extend hope, to reassure the hurting that they are never alone, and to affirm the boundless love God has for them. In a world teeming with challenges, Celeste remains a steadfast advocate, healer, and guide.