Chief Operations Officer

Debra, a seasoned leader with over four decades of diverse experience in business, stands as a testament to the American spirit. Her journey encompasses roles in the insurance, investment, defense, and pool construction industries, showcasing her adaptability and expertise.
A catalyst for positive change, Debra's commitment to community improvement extends beyond the boardroom. Actively involved in philanthropy, she has dedicated countless hours and financial support to various causes, inspiring others to follow her example.
In the business arena, Debra's impact resonates through her advocacy efforts, where she played a pivotal role in influencing legislation for the construction industry. Collaborating with a dedicated team and lobbyists, she successfully navigated the complexities to achieve tangible results.
Known for her leadership on multiple Chambers of Commerce Boards, a Multicultural Museum Board, and various advocacy committees, Debra remains focused on enhancing the community. Currently serving on a foundation board and a bank board, she continues to shape a brighter future.
Debra's strength lies in her fact-seeking approach and problem-solving acumen, creating cohesive environments wherever she goes. Beyond business, her heart-driven guidance extends to advising individuals on matters of business, marketing, fundraising, and more.
Fueled by determination, drive, and a passion for both people and life, Debra not only achieves results but also fosters discussions that lead to positive change. Rooted in her deep love for the Lord, she strives to align her actions with His plan, embodying a blend of professionalism, community engagement, and unwavering faith.